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Welcome to Admirals Club (UK)

Admirals Club (UK) was around for more than four years on the growing market of the Internet. Our web statistics showed that we were more internationally recognised by gaining internet users from other regions besides the UK.

Our service offered great variety of links and topics which we considered to be valuable for young students and other associates surfing Admirals Club (UK). However, in 2011, Admirals Club UK had made the decision to merge with idealPage UK to provide students with website design and hosting.

The Student Zone Forum

The greatest success of Admirals Club (UK). Each month the page hits went over one-hundred thousand due of our live forum. We have constructed a strong community of conversations, sharing ideas, common interests, educational issues.

Now we have slowly expanded and remodelled to offer you a unique service.
Entertainment, News, Search and Educational facilities can be accessed with the click of button. It's your community, make the difference.
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